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Choosing the Right Social Media Channel for Your Healthcare Practice

Social Media can help connect your practice to existing and potential patients. Whatever your marketing goal may be, social media is an all-important tool that can help you reach your business goals.

It is important to think about your patient demographic. What is their age range? What are their biggest concerns and interests? The more information you can gather about your audience, the better. We’ve gathered the following platforms based on demographics.

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Appreciation Marketing for Heart-Centered Practitioners

One of our deepest cravings as humans is to be appreciated. As a health-care provider, making sure your patients feel valued always needs to be high on your list of priorities. Going out of your way to demonstrate acts of kindness on a regular basis is a characteristic that may come more naturally to some, but it’s these little things that should be at the forefront of your mind when thinking about your practice.

No matter the industry, if you were to recall a positive customer or patient experience, I bet that positive recollection comes down to how someone made you feel. To do this for your own patients doesn't mean you need to spend hours figuring out how to make each individual feel appreciated. In fact, it’s the small gestures and acts of kindness that will take your practice’s patient experience the extra mile and make a big difference.

Think for a moment what differentiates your experience at a 5-star hotel vs a 3-star hotel. It comes down to the small, simple things that a 5-star hotel knows you need before you ask. These may include finding a chocolate on your pillow, a welcome basket, or an info package for your next steps on how to navigate the time spent in the area.

When we spend some time looking at the user experience in our business, we start to see opportunities to make small adjustments that can exponentially add to the success of our practice, whether chocolate is included or not!

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Top 5 Email Marketing Tactics Every Practitioner Should Know

Email marketing is a great way for healthcare providers to boost patient engagement, share valuable educational content, and increase practice revenue. It’s still used more than any other social platform — the average conversion rate is 6.0%, compared to 1.9% through social media.

Let’s explore the top five tactics to help you make the most out of your email marketing efforts.

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