Designs for Health Wins Best Display Award at The National by FCA


Designs for Health (DFH) participated in the world’s largest event for the chiropractic profession at The National by FCA (Florida Chiropractic Association) this year, which was held in Orlando, FL. DFH was voted as the Best Display for our innovative trade show booth.

Design for Health's Unique In-Booth Experience

Each year, DFH strives to provide a unique in-booth experience heavily influenced by the event booth design, layout, and overall use of space. After many creative design iterations and feedback from previous events over the years, the 2021 DFH booth at the FCA event was recognized as one of the most outstanding displays. DFH was presented with the Best Display award during the Presidential Reception on the last night of the event.


The display prominently featured top nutritional supplements from a range of more than 350 products. Our knowledgeable health educators were present to speak directly to chiropractors to share more about our scientific evidence- and food-based nutritional formulas for our products.

About the Event

The 4-day event included 70+ panel sessions led by world-renowned speakers with many years of experience at a socially distanced Expo with 300+ booths of the latest industry technology and nutritional supplement vendors. This is always an exciting event because it’s a great opportunity to obtain exposure to the latest trends and build upon new and previous relationships.

DFH remains committed to supporting the chiropractic community with innovative, quality dietary supplemental products, best-in-class nutritional education, and support services for business building.