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7 Trends for the 1.5 Trillion Dollar Wellness Industry

The health industry is expected to grow in many ways in the next year and beyond as technology advances, generational interests change, and convenience becomes increasingly important. As a practitioner, exploring new ways to support and heal your community is an exciting time. Let's dive right into the biggest trends for this year.

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A Guide to Instagram Analytics

Let’s dive deeper into Instagram’s social media analytics and specific data points that measure the performance of your account. If you have a business account on Instagram, you will find insights directly through the app under the Professional Dashboard. Collecting the various types of feedback enables you to focus on your social media strategy and refine decisions. 

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Hashtag Hacks

To ensure you remain effective when using hashtags on your social media posts, consider the following hashtag hacks. Using too many hashtags, the wrong hashtags, and posting hashtags in the comments section can be ineffective for social media algorithms.

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