Audience Engagement: Is it Important?


What does it mean to engage with your audience? Simply posting your content on social media won’t automatically grow your following.

Engagement on social media means interaction between a customer and a brand. It’s important to interact with your followers to keep them coming back and to expand your reach on social media.

The more engaged you are on your social media platforms, the more you’ll reach your followers. So, yes, audience engagement is very important.

It’s important to be active every day on all your channels. Being active and posting content daily gives your audience another way to stay connected to you and your business.

Here are three ways to engage with your audience on social media.

Like and Respond to Your Followers

Be sure to like and respond when your followers post on your social media. It is one thing to receive likes and comments, but it’s also important to like and interact with your followers’ posts.

One simple way to interact with your audience is to repost their Instagram stories that you’re tagged in. A reposted story shows your audience that you are looking and listening to everything they like about your brand, and it’s like a shout-out to that customer.

Leave comments under posts that your followers tag you in. Not only does this show your followers that you are actively paying attention to what they are saying about you on social media, but it also promotes brand awareness for your business.

Answer all incoming direct messages from your followers in a timely manner. This shows your audience that you care about their questions. This also helps boost the engagement for your analytics if you are promptly responding. For example, on a Facebook Business page, it will show how fast you respond to direct messages to people that visit your page.

Start A Discussion

Start a discussion by getting to know what your followers want to see. Take advantage of Instagram polls and ask questions in your Instagram stories to figure out what your audience is looking for on your social media platforms. The more content you’re posting that your audience is seeking, the more willing your audience will be to share your content with their audience.

Utilize Facebook Groups

Create a Facebook Group to interact with your audience and talk to them about topics they want to discuss in a more intimate and private setting. Utilizing Facebook Groups can allow you to post more details on specific topics that your followers want to learn about. Then, you’ll be able to answer their questions with lengthier interactions.

It’s important to cultivate good experiences on your social media platforms. This will boost your engagement and help push your social media out to new followers that you may not have been able to reach before. Engagement helps to humanize your brand and causes your audience to feel like they’re a part of your business.